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Tarrant Police Department Shield Cards Shield Cards updated : 7/1/2010 9:19:34 AM Rev (4e)
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PD Shield Full Color Print
Style #: 2P885B1101Wv
Brilliant White 14pt Gloss Finish UV Coated Stock
Personalized w/ Federal Blue (PMS-289) Ink w/ "Sky Blue 3D WaterMark™"
Price: $265.00  Qty: 500 

NOTICE: We eventually will have all Shield Cardstm and Shield Card Americatm products "Branded" For Security and Copyright protection. The Branding will be on the back of the Shield Cardtm in the lower Left corner with at least "". The Branding of Shield Cardstm began in October of 2001 as a tribute to the individuals who lost their lives in all the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The Branding has taken on a new meaning even to include the Validation of the bearer whose name appears on the Shield Cardtm. Many variations of the Branding have appeared since 2001, However, in May of 2006 we began a program of Brand Standardization, and implemented the process of "Branding" all new production with at least 50% of each order being Branded. The transition period to brand every model Shield Cardtm is estimated to be about 4 years, or by May 1, 2010, at which time at least 50% of every Shield Cardtm order will be "BRANDED" with at least "" on the back as explained. Customer Loyalty and "Special" Discounts can apply we suggest you call to see if any are available. All online orders will be eMailed a confirmation and if applicable advised of any "Special" discounts.

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