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Incredible Values -- For A Limited Time Only

Choose any style on this page and get your Shield Cards at the special price and quantity. Domestic courrier delivery is included with this special.

All special require a Faxed order with payment at time order is placed.

Specially Priced Items are available while supplies last, unless marked as open stock. Insurance is not available on any specially priced items and no compounding.

Gold Badge

Style # 28220677
Gray Paper
Black Ink / 1 Foil
Price: $68.50
Quantity: 250 cards

Full Color Shoulder Patch
Style # 28100615
Luster Coat Paper
Cobalt Ink
Price: $68.50
Quantity: 250 cards

Detention Officer Seal
Style #: 28100801
Luster Coat Paper
Black Ink
Price: $47.00
Quantity: 250 cards

Flat Printed Seal
Style #: 281A0606
Luster Coat Paper
Black Ink
Open Stock
FREE Initial Order New Customer Development $28 Shipping and Handling Charge
Quantity: 150 Cards


No extra charge for Credit Card orders.

All Orders on this page include domestic courrier delivery

and must be faxed to 801.465.4188 for processing.