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Shield Card America Internet Fact Sheet

  1. Estimated delivery: Standard cards usually within three (3) weeks of LAYOUT approval (if applicable). Special promotions 4-8 weeks.
  2. Card Price includes: Order processing, Security and Order Verification, type-set layout to standard format, Veri-Mail proof, (if applicable to purchase), printing and quantity of Shield Cards as per selection and delivery by Courrier Ground Service to commercial address. A copy of our Full Service Guarantee is available upon request by calling 801.465.4313
  3. All orders are PRE-PAID by check, money order or credit card. Telephone, Fax or Internet orders MUST be paid by credit card at time order is placed. Your credit card will be processed for payment immediately upon receipt of the Security and Order Verification, regardless of production, or delivery date. Your ORDER is a CONTRACT and if performed upon by us in the form of a faxed, or email business card layout, is consummated and accepted. Therefore, cancellations for any reason after delivery of a Veri-Fax proof will incur a contract suspension fee of up to $45 depending upon the Shield Card Ordered. Any balances on your account will be credited to your charge card or refunded in the form of a company check.


Optional Cost Services

All deliveries are quoted to a COMMERCIAL location, (i.e.: OFFICE).
RESIDENTIAL deliveries add $10.00.

1. Delivery

2. Telephone orders must have signed credit card charge approval and pay a Veri-Mail proof with a $12 ADDITIONAL fee. The Veri-Mail is optional for Mail-in, Fax and Internet orders.

3. RUSH ORDER PROGRAM: Guaranteed shipment 6 working days ARO, if Layout approved within 24 hours, TRIPLE BASE COST plus NEXT DAY DELIVERY COST.

4. Print graphic provided by customer, same color as name- $10.00, (this includes scan).
Print graphic from SCA research source if available- $25.00
Custom card layout and/or non-standard TYPE selection- $10.00, plus extra proof charge of $7.00.
Custom computer enhancement $80.00/hr in 1/6 hour increments.
Print Watermark same color, add $19.00, Watermark in optional second color, add $55.00

5. Print 2 Color+ $65.00, 3 Colors+$180.00, Custom Order+ Min. $70, Back Printing +$65.00

6. Double Order (1.75 X. base cost), Quad Order (3.2 x base cost). (I.e. $80 x 1.75=$140.00)

7. One year card replacement insurance program, 25% of cost for Shield Card selectecd. (I.e. transfer, promotion, official name or number change) CARD ORDER REPLACED FOR DELIVERY CHARGE, AND ANY DIFFERENCE IN BASE COST PREVAILING AT TIME OF CLAIM, plus taxes if applicable.


Updated 4/13/2005

The BASE cost for the card selected as represented by the Product code number on the
sample is for the BASIC card layout WITHOUT OPTIONS, some options may appear on some display samples.
Please call if you have additional questions.
Phone: (801) 465-4313

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